Jon has been coaching clay target shooting for 20 plus years. In addition to the Olympic events he is a Level III NSCA Sporting Clays Instructor and has a thorough knowledge of the American games. He has served as Assistant Shotgun Coach to Lloyd Woodhouse at USA Shooting. During 2003 - 2006 Jon was the High Performance Coach for New Zealand and took that Team to the 2004 Olympics. Jon is currently working with athletes from India, Trinidad, Barbados, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Living in the San Jose, CA area, Jon travels both in the U.S. and the World to offer instruction to many World Class athletes.


Instruction Areas

Having coached many World Class athletes, Jon is extremely knowledgeable in the Olympic events of Bunker Trap, Skeet, and Double Trap. He offers a special insight into the requirements of medal winning preparation and performances and deals with complex visual issues. He is also well versed in the instruction of the American versions of Trap and Skeet, along with Sporting Clays. His direct troubleshooting methods zero into the root causes of poor fundamentals and performances, saving both time and effort in redirecting efforts towards more positive results.



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"You instruct Beginners when you teach them new skills. With Intermediate level athletes, you share information with them to make them more self-reliant. Advanced athletes require you to motivate and challenge them to help spur their drive for success. "

Jon Ogilvie     

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